My name is Yabani Babangida, I’m 28 years old and I live in Kano. A week ago I bought a new TOYOTA PRADO, as it’s six months since I worked at the car wash and barely had enough to feed my family. Now I’m going to tell you how a casual meeting changed my life and gave me the chance to earn 700,000 Naira a day.

I’ll tell you a little about myself. Poverty – that’s how I would describe my whole life. My parents lived in poverty, I never went to university. After finishing school, I went to work at a car wash. When I was young, my salary was sufficient for me. But when I got married and my daughter was born, I started getting into serious financial problems and permanent debt. What to do – I had no idea; the debts were mounting but I couldn’t quit the job because it was my only source of income.

One afternoon a new BNW drove into the car wash. A young man stepped out of the car, he looked to be around 23 to 25. I was always amazed how young people could earn so much money. I said to myself quietly: “What do you have to do to drive a car like that?” But he heard me and laughed. Trading,” – he said and went away.

Those two words changed my life forever. When I got home, I sat down at the computer and started looking for some mentions of trading. And so, a month passed: during the day I would work at the car wash, and by night I would read dozens of forums to understand how to use trading platform.

Online trading is a revolutionary way of earning in the financial markets, which is very straightforward, quick, and extremely lucrative. You probably know that financial markets are venues where currencies, such as the dollar, the euro, or the pound, are traded 24/7, i.e. with no breaks or days off whatsoever.

What you need to do is just open a free account on the trading website (a broker website), then make a deposit, select an investment amount and predict where the price (for example, the US dollar exchange rate) will go in a few minutes or hours.

There are only two options available: High/Low or up/down. The trade may last for any time from 1 minute to 3 hours (the expiry time), and you may select any time frame in between. If your prediction is correct, your investment amount is nearly doubled; if it is wrong, well, you just lose your investment amount.

So, this will actually be your job if you follow my instructions. This is called ‘trading’, and a person who works in such a way is called a ‘trader’. As a trader, you can work any time wherever you are, all you need is a computer or smart phone with stable internet connection. As you see, it’s pretty straightforward, even a 10-year-old would understand how it works!

I found the Olymp Trade web page and registered on there for free. They let me open a demo account for $10,000 using virtual money, as well as providing free instructions. This helped me a lot in the beginning, when I still didn’t know how to work with trading platform and I didn’t want to invest my own money.

On the Olymp Trade web page, all the calculations are done in US dollars I received the payments in US dollars as well and it convert to Naira (NGN) in my bank account.

After two to three weeks, there was $100,000 in my demo account. The only problem was that this was only some algorithms on the screen, I couldn’t actually withdraw any cash. That was until I decided to invest money such as $10, $20, $30, $60, $100, $150, $200, $250, $300 etc. in my live account. I don’t trust some of the Internet web pages, so I didn’t want to risk too much i only deposited $100.

That night I didn’t sleep much – I traded all night, then I went to work. And guess what? That night I earned $153! All day at work, all I could of was online trading. As soon as I got back home, I sat down at the front of my computer, but tiredness got the better of me. That night I didn’t trade much – I earned just $33 and went to sleep. I remember those days well, the only thing that mattered to me was trading platform – I would arrive home and start trading right away. After a week, my account had $1220 in it!!! I know, it’s not a huge amount, but this was only the beginning; I didn’t dare trade using large sums of money.

I thought I’d better checkout the web page, so I sent a transfer of all my money ($1220) to my Bank account. An hour later, I received a credited alert in my telephone saying that my account was credited with $1220! I was happy. After that, I invested $500 in my account and started dealing more boldly. After two weeks I had earned $10,000, and within a month I had left work. After that, I paid of all my debts and for the first time in my life, I took a vacation with my family to rest.

This didn’t stop me trading though, because to earn money, all I needed was a laptop, or a mobile phone with Internet access. When we returned home, I bought myself TOYOTA PRADO and decided to write this blog just for you – workers like I was, who are fed up of working every day from morning till night, for a measly wage. Remember that life wasn’t given to us for that. Register now, and be sure to complete the instruction course in the demo account without risking losing real money. Nowadays, I don’t see any real way to earn money while sitting at the computer or telephone, except online trading. After buying the TOYOTA PRADO, there was still $27,183 left over in my account. My goal was to earn $300,000 by the summer and buy a house for my beloved family. Good luck everyone, and thank you for your attention.

I don’t mind to teach you more than this if you can contact me by clicking whatsapp, you might not reach me directly, the link might easily take you to the Worlddraft Blog Associations because i paid for them before i posted this content to their blog and i’m very sure that they can also help you out of profitably strategies and how to read signal but if you ask of me they will direct you to me.

If you have a problem to connect whats app with your computer system click this link to learn how to do that

First, read everything to the end, and click on button below to start

  1. You need to open an account at a broker. This is totally FREE. To do this, go to the Olymp Trade website, by clicking here.
  2. Enter your namee-mailphone numberpasswordand choose the currency of your account and tick to show your agreement. Click “Register“.
  3. How do you make a forecast?
    1. Select a currency pair (the exchange rate of the currencies you’ll forecast). For example, click on EUR/USD, if you want to forecast how many dollars 1 euro costs.
    2. Designate a trade amount. The minimum trade is 1 dollar.
    3. Choose a time frame. This is the time over which the exchange rate of your chosen currency will be compared with your forecast. The minimum time frame is 1 minute. I usually choose 1 or 5 minutes.
    4. Make a forecast. Click on either UP or DOWN. A trade opens right after you click.
  4. But you’ll start to make real money only after you make a deposit. You can do this with any Visa or Mastercard or via QIWI, WebMoney, or other payment systems. The minimum deposit is 10 dollars. Click on MAKE A DEPOSIT button.Choose “Live account” and click the deposit button again.A window with a choice of deposit method opens:Now it gets interesting! Olymp Trade broker is now running a promotion — double your money will be credited to your account, if you make a $30, $100 or $200 deposit within 1 hour after you open it!Just imagine, it’s as if you got a bonus for your work, e.g., the same $200, but you get $400!But this is only for 1 hour after you open your account, so hurry up!Making a deposit is really easy: select a deposit method and amount, click on the MAKE A DEPOSIT button and do what it says.

That’s all! After you make a deposit, go to step 3 and start earning real money!

Finally, allow me to brag a little… Here’s what I earned over the weekend. Good luck!

You can trade by using your smart phone.. you can position your phone to either portrait or landscape depend on how you want it.