Good day to you over there, my name is Christiana, I’m the one of Worlddraft Blog Customer Service.

Actually, we discovered that there are some of our visitors that are unable to contact us true WhatsApp just because they didn’t know how to connect their WhatsApp from mobile phone to their computer, that is why we planned and bring this content out so that they will be able to use it as an opportunity to know how to connect their phone with their computer.

Please, if you know that you are unable to contact us on whatsapp because of above narration issues, just read how to connect it below.


Ones you open the whatsapp on your computer true our link it can probably open like this picture below

If it probably open like above picture then you will need to look up to the menu bar and click on WHATSAPP WEB and it will open like this picture below; then you’ll follow the instructions.

And at the same time, you can easily download the whatsapp application to your computer here, Download the one that is compatible with your system status!


Download for Mac OS X 10.10 and higher

Watch how to connect whatsapp to your system in the video below!

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