This was supposed to be a sweet, tender reunion. 

Yet, this tale of two kindred spirits brought together by fate only to be torn apart by it continues to break the hearts of fans –this time, by having Tristan (Daniel Padilla) beat up Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) when they finally see each other again. 

Tristan is long thought to be dead, having been stabbed in the heart by Angel Locsin’s Jacintha to prevent him from turning into a vampire. Malia is one of the few who believe otherwise, and her stubbornness is rewarded on Wednesday’s episode when Tristan, brought back to life by Sandrino as a vampire, decides to show himself to her. 

Though he greets him not with a loving embrace but by repeatedly throwing her up in the air with his fists, Malia’s happiness is still evident in her eyes that her faith is finally proven right.

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He warns her of a coming war that will drive all of them, including humans, into extinction, before reminding her of the prophecy that foretells their destined battle against one another. 

She refuses to acknowledge this, saying that she still believes that the Tristan she has come to know and love is still alive inside this vampiric monster standing in front of her. “Hindi na ako iyong Tristan na sinasabi mo,” he assures her before taking his leave. 

The rest of the episode is filled with dialogue that slowly pieces together the many intertwining conspiracies that litter both camps. 

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Tristan continues to fool Sandrino and the rest of the vampires into thinking that he’ll help them achieve world domination; traitors plot to overthrow Malia as the leader of the werewolves by painting her as insane; and Tristan concocts with Prof T (Albert Martinez) a plan to save humanity. 

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