Ladies please be careful of guys nowadays, don’t think you are the most beautiful girl in your area and turn your self to slay Mama, Olosho 1, because guys nowadays are desperate.

A young lady was thrown out of a car this evening at Ajah under the bridge Lagos State and according to eyewitnesses, she began to shrink until she remained as she was in the photo below.

Comments from people around all boil down to the fact that the lady was used for Money Rituals.

See shocking photos below:-


Ladies, please stick with your broke boyfriend, it pays.. Stop jumping up and down just because of some change when you can work and make your own money.

This info spoke to you ladies, Life is smaller while people are bigger, noting you can gain in doing biggest girl live in your real life not in fake of somebody’s life. And guys take & spend this life in easy way nothing you can gain in spoiling somebodies life, remember that one day will be a day of judgement.


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