With his singing prowess, Wizkid have been able to win the love of so many Nigerians and Indigenes of other country but time and time again the singer has given us reasons to doubt the lovable personality he displays on screen.

Ranging from mind-disturbing complains from all his baby mamas to information that was revealed during the Loose talk podcast with Osagie Alongie and many others but his fans have stood by him through all these dramas.


The singer recently turned 29 and while many celebrities took to their social media pages to wish the Starboy a happy birthday, his third baby Mama – Jada who is also his manager took a different turn and gave us an insight of her relationship with Wizkid. Jada revealed that she has been in an abusive relationship with Wizkid and time and time again, Wizkid beats her up, leaving her with visible injuries which she tries at all time to cover up from the public in order to save Wizkid’s image.

Some of Wizkid’s fans are of the opinion that the revelation is false and Wizkid cannot do such a thing. Well here is why we believe it is true.

(1) Wizkid is a Woman beater

In 2016, Nigerian singer – Saeon paid a sum of 1.5 million Naira for a collaboration with Wizkid and after the collaboration, Saeon wasn’t happy at all with working with Wizkid as Wiz kept up a bad attitude throughout and didn’t help in promoting the song despite paying that much.


Wizkid was on an interview with TCV where he was asked about his rift with Samklef and Saeon and after addressing Samklef’s issue he talked about what went down and how the collaboration was made. He unconsciously revealed his aggressive side at the end of the interview and he ended it with these words ‘Make we move on to next one, next one, cause this matter if we talk am too much now I fit beat Saeon for this camera‘.

See the interview below.

I think for him to say those words it means he beats women up or has beaten a woman in the past. And if you all can remember, when Wizkid had a rift with Linda Ikeji, he threatened the blogger that he will send his Cousin to beat her up. He said “If I ever see you, I’ll get my 16-year old cousin to beat the shit out of you.” which again proves that he is in the habit of beating women.


(2) The Relationship between them was unhealthy

In May 2018, Wizkid headline the Afro Republik concert at the 02 Arena and just before the show, the singer was in the car with his baby mama – Jada and his son – Zion.

As a supporter and mother of the child of the singer, Jada was happy for the singer’s moment and excited about the show and decided to make a short video of herself and Wizkid before the show, something everyone can do for someone they love. But Wizkid wasn’t having any of them as arrogantly directed her to take the camera off his face, which till now I can’t seem to find any reason for his annoyance and I think from his facial expression if she wasn’t with a camera, he could have reacted worse.

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See the video below.

So personally I have reasons to believe Jada wasn’t lying and have absolutely nothing to gain from falsely accusing Wizkid of abusing her physically.

From all these, do you still doubt or now believe Jada’s allegation?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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