The news break down recently that George Watson and Lindsi Mayabb are in custody in relation to the death of Sawyer English, the son of former “Living Oklahoma” co-host Mitch English.

Andrew “Sawyer” English was 24 years old when he was found dead after a friend contacted police to say he hadn’t seen him in a week. Sawyer was survived by his father, mother, Raquel, and his siblings, Zoe, 19, Brooker, 21 and Carter, 26.

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The pair were both arrested in Florida and are in the process of being extradited to Oklahoma where they are expected to be charged.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Said Mayabb Was Arrested Working as an Escort

Lindsi Mayabb Facebook page

Facebook/Lindsi MayabbLindsi Mayabb pictured on her Facebook page.

The St. Johns County Sheriff said in a statement on July 16 that Watson, 37, and Mayabb, 37, had been taken into custody in St. Johns County, Florida, close to Jacksonville.

The sheriff’s office said that they were contacted by police in Edmond, Oklahoma. The Edmond police said that an escort service ad had led them to believe that Watson and Mayabb had traveled to the area. An undercover officer made contact with Mayabb and arrested her on “local charges.” Watson was then arrested at a local hotel around the same time.

2. Sawyer English Was ‘Violently Killed’

Lindsi Mayabb

St. Johns County SheriffLindsi Mayabb’s mugshot.

Fox Oklahoma reported on July 9 that police had served a warrant on Sawyer’s home in Edmond. Inside that home, police found drug paraphernalia, medical marijuana and cash. Outside of the home, police found a gun and bullets. Sawyer ran a marijuana dispensary named “Vapor Express” in Edmond.


A former colleague of his father’s, Jamie Hinson, told WDHN that Sawyer had been “violently killed.” Reports from the time said that Sawyer had been shot dead inside of a home in Edmond along 1st street. The Oklahoman reported that Sawyer appeared to have been shot three times in the back.

One of Sawyer’s colleagues and friends, Jake Storey, told KFOR, “Oh I am just torn to shreds on the inside. It’s like bad. It’s really just a shame. There’s a lot of remorse here. A lot of missing.” Storey added that he hoped that the police caught whoever was responsible that the perpetrator “can serve time like he properly deserves.”

3. Sawyer’s Father Wrote in a Heartbreaking Facebook Post That he Will Never Understand How Someone Could Take His Son Away

George Watson

St. Johns County SheriffGeorge Watson’s mugshot.

In announcing his son’s death, Mitch English released a statement in which wrote in part, “He was his own man. We clashed at times but he always… ALWAYS told me that he loved me.” In another section, Mitch said, “I’ll never understand it. Why someone took you away from this world but I will always have you with me.”


Mitch concluded his statement with the words, “From the moment I first held you in my arms, I was proud of who you are, Sawyer. You have inspired me. I love you son.”

4. Mayabb & Watson Are Engaged

Lindsi Mayabb Facebook page

Facebook/Lindi MayabbWatson and Mayabb pictured together in January 2019.

According to Mayabb’s Facebook page, she and Watson have been engaged since February 2019. Mayabb says that she is from Oklahoma City and still lives in the city. Online records show that Mayabb has previously lived in the Jacksonville-area, close to where she was arrested in the Sawyer English case.


In the “Details About Lindsi” section of her Facebook page, Mayabb says, “I love my Sailor Ray…” and “I would rather live a short happy life then a long boring one.” Mayabb’s last visible Facebook post came on March 28. The message read, “I’m so sorry to all my friends and family but I can’t have anyone on my Facebook!!!!”

5. A GoFundMe Page for Sawyer Has Raised More Than $10,000

A GoFundMe page for Sawyer’s family says that he and his siblings chose to remain in the Oklahoma-area after their father transferred to Florida to work on a new show. At the time of writing, the page has raised more than $11,000 to go towards paying for Sawyer’s funeral and allowing his family to travel

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