teaching is a profession. It is an occupation for which people are paid (modestly). It involves prolonged training and a formal qualification. It is a very hard job to do well, especially without an understanding of the science of learning.

However, there are people that are paid to teach who do so without prolonged (or sometimes any) training or formal qualification. These people, are called college professors. It is the shame of our educational system that most colleges/universities are too cheap to provide training to their instructors.

Teaching is a profession above all as per my understanding because a teacher shares the knowledge to build others. A teacher sacrifices his/her time sometimes just for the sake of benefit to the students who are actually stuck with some problems.

I have serious respect for my teachers, because without a teacher I would not have been what I am today.

So it is a profession and it is a profession of giving what you have. Teachers makes us stand in a educated society and enables to achieve what we dream of.

There should not be such question questioning the profession of teachers.

Because teaching builds other professions. Imagine your lives without a teacher, would you be where you are now?

Teachers work on building values, mindsets, academic excellence, among a lot more things. And it isn’t an easy job to do. Working as a Fellow at Teach For India over the last 2 years has made me respect the profession SO much more.

Here’s why
– Teaching provides an art of living.
-All professions are possible because you had teachers
– Teachers create future citizens of the country
-They help you realise your true passion by throwing tons of opportunities your way.

Strictly speaking a profession is any occupation that requires special training and skills. Teaching requires a number of special skills, if one is going to be at least competent, and for that reason alone is a profession. Now there are some teachers who are credentialed but really don’t have the skills. There are others who can teach, at least one or two people at a time, although not formally credentialed. I have taught writing workshops to groups of homeschoolers. While some of the students wrote creative poems with excellent vocabularies and imaginative approaches, others had no idea of how to think independently, how to be daring. Indeed too many of the parents were feeding their children ideas and vocabulary. Those parents did not possess the special skills required of a teacher. To be able to meet a student where they are intellectually and in terms of skills they possess and to move them further along the path of learning and learning how to learn, how to think, is indeed a profession.

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