Hi! Welcome to www.hemmarblog.wordpress.com. We are here to notify you that WAEC GCE has been realised. If you are looking for how to make a registration or looking for Instruction of WAEC or how to download Biometric, no way for you to anymore but 
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To make a registration of WAEC is not difficult thing atoll but just been following our step by step advices.

We don’t need to stress directing you to WAEC site cos of Biometric anymore because the link of Biometric downloading will been founded to you here and note that without you install your

Tomb Printing Machine nothing can be done for you please make sure you install you Tomb-printing Machine or Download it here Click Win(32)bit If Your system Bit is 32 or  Win(64)bit If Your system Bit is 64 and make sure of yourself that your Laptop have a sharply Webcam for capturing.

NOTE: Doing the Biometric session there are some encountered problem that usually occurred e.g. Tomb Scanning & Capturing.


Tomb Scanning:

There are some fingers that have short of blood, those finger’s will gives mush stress for you, but here are some solution you can do to make the tomb to scan e.g. Candidate should use his/her tomb to scratch his/her hear, by using another person’s hand to rob the candidate’s tomb strongly & by stressing his/her tumb to scratch the flow etc.


The capturing normally required for appearing of two hairs, unputing on speck & Candidate eyes should be opened.

Now to start your registration

Step 1:

First click Download your biometric and install it, after you installation

Step 2:

Lunch The Biometric

Fill those required fields and sure of yourself in names & Email Address

NOTE: the password & Username will be sent to your Email

Step 3:

Login to the WAEC site and click on continue button.

WAEC site address has been provided for you in last session “Step 8”

Step 4:

Fill the fields with your username and password the one use in Biometric form and click Login

Step 5:

This Step is where to use your Registration Pin,

to buy Registration Pin Contact us (+2348109727784). Confirm your details and then Input your Registration Pin in the field then continue 

Step 6:

Fill those required fields without making any mistake

Then Click “I do solemnly declare that I have read the regulations and have made this entry in accordance with the provisions of the Council’s regulations and that I shall abide by the rules governing the conduct of the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE). I accept responsibility for any error made by me in this entry.” and click Accept

Step 7:

This Page is all about to preview your Details very well and then click on

“ I hereby certify that the information displayed above is correct and will therefore not hold WAEC liable for any mistake contained in the details therein”

Choose your choice Either

click Save to continue next time 

or Click Submit to end your process 

Step 8

Open your Biodata and then print.

Here is the end of our Training.

login to WAEC site here  

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